Germany: Ende Gelände activists protest lignite mining in Lusatia

On October 11th, as part of Reclaim Power, a large number of Ende Gelände activists protested against EPH, a Czech investment group investing in Lusatian lignite coal mining.

EPH's advisory board met in Cottbus to elect a new board of directors. Ende Gelände entered one of the coal pits that day, leaving a banner stating: "Our Climate, not your business". In the afternoon, demonstrators gathered at the headquarters of Vatenfall, the previous owner, to protest against the new investor.

Insa Vries, from Ende Gelände, said “To us it’s perfectly clear: EPH’s only goal is short-term and is to make profits out of the lignite mining business. And the money will disappear into dubious offshore company constructions instead of reserve funds and renaturation. The ecological consequences for the global climate are catastrophic, as the rising COemissions fuel climate change and millions of people in the global South lose their livelihood.”

The protests against the climate-destroyer lignite follow on from the Ende Gelände action which took place over a weekend in May 2016. From 13th to 15th May nearly 4000 people from all over Europe blocked the Welzow opencast mine and the Schwarze Pumpe power plant in a mass action of civil disobedience.