Reclaim Power and Defend Life: A Tour

9 & 10 October 

Tour starts at 3pm at Green Park Station 

War on Want is joining grassroots movements across the world as part of #ReclaimPower, for two days of action. We want to transform our energy and economic systems and stop climate change. We'll be demanding an end to dirty energy and extraction, and a rapid shift to people-controlled renewables.

The actions will target the World Bank and IMF summit in Lima-Peru, in the lead up to the climate change talks in November. Local movements will be assembling to oppose the unaccountable powers and destructive impacts of these institutions.

War on Want’s partner, the Interinstitutional Platform of Celendin, will be mobilising people to the mountains where indigenous people are defending their lakes from the World Bank’s Conga mine project in Peru. We’ll also have trade unionists from Colombia exposing BP and dirty oil in Colombia as part of the Oil Justice tour.  

Join us on the 9th!

To #ReclaimPower here in the UK, and show our solidarity with those mobilising in Lima, various London-based groups will be leading an action tour in Central London. London is one of the centres of the global financial system, and a major hub of dirty energy industries around the world.

During the course of the tour, we will be hearing from affected communities and experts about the impacts of company projects, and will be coming together to say:

- No to dirty energy and yes to people-controlled renewables!

- End the financing of planetary destruction!

- Respect Indigenous Land Rights!

- Protect people’s rights to food, water, and justice!

- Protect people's rights to say no to dirty energy and extractive projects!

- No to the criminalisation of protest and dissent!

The list of the tour stops are: Vedanta, Glencore, BP, Anglo American, Rio Tinto, the UK Export Credit Agency, and the offices of the World Bank.

*** DETAILS ****

The tour will start at 3pm on the 9th of October just outside Green Park Underground station, and will finish at 5:15, with a rally outside the offices of the World Bank. If you cannot make the beginning the tour, please feel free to join us along the way or for the closing rally at Millbank Tower, SW1P 4QP.

For more details about the tour and the route please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.