Reclaim Power 2015

Join the 2015 Reclaim Power Days of Action - June 7 / September 26 / October 9 & 10

Since 2013 movements, networks and NGOs from across the world have worked together to link and highlight energy and climate struggles. We have done so through shared demands, shared story telling, and international days of action.

In 2015 we will continue to advance our core demands:

  1. Ban new dirty energy projects

  2. End government subsidies and public handouts to dirty energy companies.

  3. Stop excessive energy consumption by corporations and global elites.

  4. Redirect and mobilize public finance to ensure people’s universal access to energy and make the complete shift to public and community/decentralized renewable and clean energy systems as soon as possible.

  5. Divest from fossil fuel corporations

leave the oil in the soil

We will do so with three central moments of international coordinated mobilisations including:

  • 7th of June – to call for the ban of new dirty energy projects and all funding of dirty energy by the G7 governments

  • 26th of September – to join the call by our French comrades for an international day of alternatives

  • 9th/10th of October – the Global Day to Reclaim Power against dangerous, harmful and dirty energy systems. 

Please include these important dates of international solidarity in your calendars and begin to prepare for the biggest, boldest and broadest mobilisations on climate and energy in history.

stop funding dirty energy